Using Technology to Improve Productivity

We’re at the age where technology is growing by leaps and bounds. For instance, it wasn’t in the distant past that people thought artificial intelligence (AI) was only limited to Hollywood movies. These days, people expect it to be used in different applications, including big data analytics and even AI-assisted epidemiology.

In the workplace, technology can also be used to benefit a business. Even as business owners are constantly being told that they need to join the digital age, they tend to be wary since they are unfamiliar with the recent tech innovations. But business owners should accept that technology can be used to improve their employees’ productivity. Here are some ways they can embrace technology to ensure their business remains significant in this changing world.

Incorporate Tech into Work

The first thing business owners should do to familiarize themselves with the latest innovations in technology. Rather than rushing into embracing technology, knowing how to use the technology allows them to find a way to fit into their business.

For instance, even if those dancing robots of Boston Dynamics entertained them, it wouldn’t be a good idea to invest in these robots if their business has nothing to do with robotics. While it would be great for their entertainment value, they may not find any use for these robots.

The recent pandemic also changed the way people worked. Remote work has become a thing as companies sought to keep their employees healthy while remaining productive. This is a great idea for business owners whose businesses aren’t in the food or service industry. If their employees work mostly using a computer, they can opt to have them work from home.

Aside from the savings from renting an office, remote work increases productivity by 13 percent. With this in mind, they will likely allow remote work to continue even after the pandemic has ended.

Provide Tech to Employee

Aside from familiarizing themselves with the latest innovations, business owners can also provide the latest technology for their employees to use. Computers have been in the workplace for decades already, and the telephone has also increased productivity ever since it was used in the office.

But when it comes to smartphones, people are still debating whether it’s good or bad for office productivity. While it’s true that smartphones can affect productivity through the different apps that aren’t related to work, they can also be used to empower the employees and give them some autonomy. These devices can also help strengthen the bond between colleagues and even with their superiors. Moreover, smartphones can also be used to facilitate knowledge sharing among the employees of the business.

But if the business owner isn’t entirely convinced about the benefits of providing all employees with the latest tech, it can be used as an incentive or reward for employees who are performing well. This way, the employees can build the character they need to use the technology for the benefit of the business.

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Avoid Too Many Gadgets

While business owners may be open to the idea of providing the latest technology to their employees, they should also temper the desire of giving everything to their employees. They can provide employees with the latest computers and laptops, but they should make sure these devices are used for work.

The phrase more is better isn’t always applicable. Business owners should still keep in mind that their bottom line is much more important than having the latest gadgets for the employees to use. Instead, they can find practical devices that can be used to improve productivity without distracting the employees unnecessarily.

For instance, a gaming laptop may perform better than a business laptop. But it can also be a source of distraction as the employee may be tempted to play games all night long and end up being sleepy when they’re supposed to be working. With this in mind, the business owner should find a suitable technology to improve employee productivity.

Check Employee Morale

While using technology has become essential for businesses to succeed, business owners should still check on their employees. They should check if they are not frustrated in using the new technology necessary for the business. If this is the case, the business owner should retrain them and understand the process. Understanding the process gives them a better idea of using technology and eventually becoming more productive.

Business owners should always be open to using the latest technologies since they can help facilitate business processes and improve productivity among the employees.

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