The Reason Print Media Ads Remain Important

With digital technology at its peak, you’d think that every print media is now a thing of the past, or it is headed that way. But as you go about your day, you’d notice that prints have never lost their touch at all yet. Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, flyers, and business cards are still widely used in their physical forms. And even though you might think they’re all irrelevant by now, you still scan through their contents and look for something interesting.

In marketing and advertising, though LED billboards and social media ads are now more rampant than ever, consumers still come across print ads every now and then. We may not always check out the brochures passed to us occasionally, but they’ve got your attention.

That said, are print media still truly beneficial?

Types of Print Media Advertising

Any advertisement that isn’t in digital form is a print ad. You’d commonly see them in newspaper, magazine, or newsletter pages, or in an entire brochure, flyer, and leaflet. Direct mail is another form as well, which you’d see in your mailbox on a random day.

Ads in newspapers, magazines, or any other type of print media that’s only issued at intervals are also called periodical advertising. These types of print ads were the gold standard before the era of digital marketing. Small print media, which include brochures, leaflets, and flyers, can also be tucked within the pages of newspapers and magazines, but they aren’t treated as periodical advertising because they’re seen less frequently. Companies use small print media if they need to present more detailed information about their product or service.

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Direct mail advertising is another type of print ad that’s still used today. It’s an old-school practice, but according to research, it remains one of the most effective marketing strategies. If you’re a startup company, direct mail advertising will be more beneficial to you. You can use it to tap your market directly to promote special deals on your products or services.

In addition, you can also personalise each mail for every customer, which can be helpful in forming a relationship with them. Direct mail services are also affordable, another reason it’s perfect for startups.

Top Benefits of Print Ads

Why spend on print ads when you can use digital media which is more on-trend? If your goal is to have consumers remember your brand more vividly, print ads are the safer bet. Studies revealed that people read slower when reading print media than digital ones, and reading slowly allows one to understand information more deeply. That said, if you give away print ads that catch people’s interest, they’re more likely to remember your brand, recognizing it at once when they see it online or in stores.

Print ads also offer more flexibility. You have the option to market only to a specific audience, such as foodies, athletes, students, or moms. You can also decide when you’d like to reach out to them. If you want to release newspaper ads during weekends only or to send direct mail once every week, you may do so without any fuss.

When it comes to staying power, prints ads still win. Digital ads may be the norm of today, especially among young consumers, but if you want your brand to have more credibility, it’s still advisable to invest in print ads. They make your business appear more trustworthy, and if people save your ads, you can still make your mark even after many years down the road.

Brand awareness, which is crucial for building up sales, can also be gained effectively through print ads. But of course, even if print ads are still proven effective, it will always be best to combine them with digital ads. Multimedia advertising would still be the best approach for reaching out to a larger number of audience, increasing brand awareness and loyalty in turn.

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