Stay Productive: 12 Ways to Use Your Spare Time Wisely

If you want to stay productive even in your downtime, here are a few things that you can do.

12 Ways to Stay Productive Even During Your Spare Time

Get a hobby.

A hobby allows you to take a break from your usual routine and get distracted with something that interests you. If you don’t have a hobby yet, there are a lot of interesting hobbies to choose from that could add to your growth as a person.

Read a good book or anything that interests you.

Reading is a great way to unwind and destress. Some people read material that feeds their minds while others go for more entertaining material. Some folks like reading to feed their souls, while others take this time to learn new things to add value to them.


Nowadays, thanks to financial technology firms, it is a lot easier to invest. You can trade stocks or look for tech startups to invest in on crowdfunding sites when you go online. You can even do it before or after checking your social media accounts.

Start a blog or vlog.

One thing about blogs and vlogs is they have the potential to give you a decent side income if you have enough followers and subscribers. At the very least, if you don’t intend to monetize your site, you have an avenue to express your thoughts and insights.

Reflect and meditate.

Reflection and meditation are good for your soul. They help keep you centered and aligned with your inner self which give you a sense of peace and calm and help you discover a greater purpose and meaning to your existence.


Exercise is always a good thing to do. It helps boost your immune system and improves your overall mood. If you make a habit of it, it builds your confidence as you get closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Pick up a new skill.

A great way of spending some downtime is learning a new skill. Whether it’s woodworking, baking, proficiency in a new language, or new money-making methods, adding to your skillsets adds value to you as an individual and, potentially, as a professional.

Get creative.

Look for ways to express yourself creatively. Painting, drawing, photography, creative writing, music, whatever it is that sparks creativity in you, do it.

Touch base with an old friend.

Do you have family or friends you haven’t seen in a long time? You can use some of your spare time to reconnect with them and bring each other up to speed on each other’s lives. You can do this over coffee or a meal or virtually.

Do some goal setting.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your loved ones during your free time is to set goals and map out your life plans. This gives you an idea of where you are, where you want to be in a few years, and how you’re going to get there.

Get some “me” time.

person reading a book in the sofa

Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything specific to be productive. Getting some time off for yourself and spending it however you want to is a great way to recharge and prevent yourself from being burned out.

Spend time with your family.

Last but definitely not least, spend time with your family and loved ones. Use this time to bond with them and build great memories. You really don’t need to spend to enjoy your time with your family. You just need to make it meaningful and special.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to enjoy your downtime while being productive at the same time? Chime in on the comments section below. We would love to hear your ideas.

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