Smart and Stealthy Ways to Market a Product

The things that are certain in life are death, taxes, and marketing. This is not a slight against the third. Rather, it is saying that there will always be something on offer, whether you are the one doing it or the recipient. For some, selling is not really about making money but offering solutions. Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you need this certain product because otherwise you would personally not know about it. A few decades ago, we were not using smartphones, and we were content making calls and sending out text messages. But here we are today; we cannot live without the Internet even while outside our homes.

There are different markets out there, and they have their own experts who study and analyze how to target them. You can have a chief marketing officer or CMO contract in manufacturing. This will help you properly market your product by looking for clients you can be a supplier to. This is a more business-to-business approach. But even in other sectors, you will learn about different marketing techniques, and some of them are just smart and stealthy.

Product Placement


Have you ever done a double-take while watching a movie or TV show? You might ask yourself if you really thought you saw something that looks like a brand or a company logo. Do not worry about it; it happens all the time. There have been many times a product has been injected in various scenes both on the silver and small screens. Sometimes, the production team may not have the funds that they need. So they come to an agreement with companies and promise to put their products on-screen in exchange for some sort of sponsoring agreement. In other words, you show their products, and they will help finance your project.

Guerilla Marketing

Print and TV are two of the main visual mediums you can put your ads in. They are pretty much accessible to anyone, which is great because it can garner you a lot of attention and, therefore, more customers. But what if you can take that idea further and do more than just “show” something?

Guerilla marketing is a style of advertising that aims to surprise you and gain your attention. An example of this is displaying an F1 car in a public place to represent an Internet provider. People would associate the car with speed, so they would understand that they are being offered speedy Internet service. The cool thing about guerilla marketing is that most of the time you cannot just see it; you can touch it, too.

Viral Marketing

Harnessing the power of the Internet to your advantage can give you instant public attention if you play your cards right. But sometimes, it is just luck. This perfectly describes what viral marketing is. Yes, you can try to plant the seeds by posting stuff on social media and trying to build some word-of-mouth reputation for the company. This is a method that gives you a bit of control on how you want a product to be known.

You can also strike gold and have your views shoot up in a very quick fashion. This will let you have quick success, and it will be up to you on how you will sustain it. The good thing is that you will already have the public’s awareness. So if you have something that is of good quality, there’s little that is left to do. People will put in more good words if that is the case, and you can be thankful for having been a viral sensation.

These are stealthy marketing tactics. Some people like them, and some do not. But they are smart and effective in injecting themselves into the public consciousness.

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