Portrait Perfect: Preparing for that All-Important Senior Photo

For starters who never experienced professional photography, you might get intimidated by all the buttons and advanced settings of the camera. Taking portrait photographs, for example, is one of the trickiest photography styles. While some settle for the usual point-and-click photo sessions with built-in filters from the phone, you can always go the extra mile for better quality output. The safest bet for this is to hire a professional high school senior photographer in Utah. These professionals can definitely come up with the best portrait photos for you.

The goal of this type of photo session is to capture both your style and personality as much as possible. So, cliché as it may be, the most important thing you should do is to be calm and just be yourself. If it helps to bring a friend you’re really comfortable with, tell the photographer and it can definitely be arranged. Having someone you can trust will help you feel a lot more at ease, and of course, who can make you genuinely laugh, the better your photos are going to come out.

Here are some ideas on how to look supermodel stunning on your senior portraits:

Pick the Best Season


One of the most common questions high school senior photographers get is, “When is the perfect time to get my senior photos taken?” Since the photo is all about your preferences, it’s best to choose your favorite season. This can work wonderfully especially if your yearbook has no deadline and you can freely choose when your senior photos can be taken. You can wear whatever fashion style you like the best and you can pick certain locations that look absolutely stunning depending on what time of the year it is.

If you love fall, then grab those scarves, boots, and fluffy sweaters and have fun with your photoshoot. Are you more of a spring-type of person? Then sundresses and fresh flowers are a must in your photographs. However, make sure to take into account all your other-extra-curricular activities and requirements you need to submit for graduation when picking a schedule. Some seasons book out very quickly, so make the right arrangements as early as possible.

Find the Right Location

The right season and location go hand in hand. To truly capture your chosen theme and tell the right story through your photographs, your outfits should match perfectly with your chosen location. If you’re into urban style, a downtown location may be the right choice for you. For that boho chic, somewhere close to nature or a field with blooming flowers can never go wrong. If you prefer the preppy style, traditional locations are the go-to choice for many. It can be a nearby park or perhaps your favorite library or cafe. Just make sure to get the right permission to conduct a photo shoot. If you’re unsure you can always consult with your chosen high school senior photographer.

Getting the right senior portrait photo requires experience and the right equipment to ensure quality. Hire a professional to capture these meaningful experiences. Plan ahead of time to come up with a high-quality output.

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