Create a Better Social Media Campaign with these Hacks

Social media is one of the game-changers or digital marketing – as more and more people are using it. It has become a viable business opportunity platform for many brands across different industries. It allows a brand to get good value for the resources they spend on marketing. This is because companies can target specific groups based on their interests, activity online and search queries. They don’t have to spend money on people who have no interest in their products or services, and aren’t within their customer base.

Experts from Utah on SEO marketing company cite the following ways you can leverage social media to reach your target market and convert them at a high rate.

Use Live Videos

This approach provides your audience with a behind-the-scenes and personal look at your brand. This is also a way for you to make announcements about new products or services, or other things you might want to broadcast to your followers. However, before you go live, make sure the production is first-rate. Use the proper lighting techniques and angles, and quality technology for a better viewing experience. Before going live, promote it a day or so before you start. Follow a definite schedule so that your audience will know when to tune in.

Focus on Traffic and Engagement

Gone are the days when “likes” on a post mattered. These may be bots liking your post randomly. Focus on metrics that matter such as traffic, engagement and conversion. Comments on a post provide you with insights on how to improve and the feedback of your target audience. Pour your resources on engaging visitors to your website. Lead them further down the sales funnel with content that matters to them, whether it is informational or addresses an immediate problem. This leads to a higher conversion rate and a loyal following.

increase in website traffic

Work with Micro-Influencers

You’ll find some influencers that have followers in the millions; these might be celebrities, athletes or others. You’ll have to spend a lot of money to get them to post about your brand. For some audiences, this might seem inauthentic and manufactured. To maximize your resources and reach a niche market, try to collaborate with micro-influencers. These might be people who have a following of just around 10000 or less (in some cases even below 2000). These influencers have a dedicated following that engages with them frequently. Using their network allows you to broaden your reach or solidify your customer base.

Tinker with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is not just for adding funny ears and goofy faces as filters. It provides you with an opportunity to reach and connect with your target audience by creating a filter that allows them to imagine what they look like wearing and using your products. Allow them to use different shades or sizes of your brand. This boosts the likelihood of a conversion because a potential customer has seen how they look.

These are a few ways to improve your social media campaign and get the results you want. Leverage this platform to connect with your target market, learn more about them and deliver what they want or need.

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