Manifestation: How You Can Achieve Anything You Want

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It’s the belief that our mindsets play a huge role in dictating our experiences. If you think of negative thoughts and constantly worry, you’re attracting negative things in your life. But if you focus on the positive, then you’ll reap the benefits. That’s precisely how vision boards and dream declarations were born — the belief that if you manifest what you want in life, you can achieve it.

The Law of Attraction might seem bogus for some. They wonder how it’s possible to get something by merely thinking you will. But it can actually be linked to science. Our brains have a smart section that houses tiny bundles of neurons. This is called the Reticular Activating System or the RAS. Science says that the RAS functions to filter our thoughts. These filtered messages are then sent to the brain, which then presents to us whatever object or thought we focus on.

The RAS is the reason behind manifestation — and why it works. Through it, you’re taking things out of your thoughts and beliefs, converting them into physical reality. Pretty much, you can manifest anything you want in life. When manifesting your goals and aspirations becomes of second nature to you, then there’s really nothing that can hinder you from achieving them.

How to Manifest Anything You Want

Set your goals straight

The first step is to set concrete and clear goals. You need to know and be sure of what you actually want in life. Otherwise, you can’t really manifest it. Create a list of anything and everything you yearn for. Once you’re finished listing everything down, go back and note the specifics. For example, instead of saying “I want a car,” be specific about the make and model (and the model year too, if you’re really intent on it).

Make your goals tangible

Man thinking

Now that you have specifically determined what you want in life, it’s time to make them a little more tangible. The key to manifesting is to really focus on the things you want to achieve. If you set your mind to it, then your thoughts, feelings, and actions will all flow towards that intent.

One way to make your list tangible is by creating a vision board. It’s a collage of pictures of the things you want — like your dream car, dream house, pets, career, etc. Having a vision board that you can see every day will keep your eyes and mind on the price.

Act slowly but surely

Manifestation may be more linked to your thoughts than actions. But the whole point of it is shaping your decisions and behavior for you to attain your goals. Every day, challenge yourself to do three things that bring you closer to achieving what you desire. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture at all. Little things count too. For example, you want to pursue a career in the culinary industry. You can start by:

  1. Looking for courses you can take.
  2. Buying basic equipment such as engraved knives, a spatula, and other cooking tools.
  3. Watching cooking shows to gain insights and valuable cooking tips.

These small actions are actually necessary things that come together to drive you towards achieving your ultimate goal.

Trust the process

Many people give up on manifestation because they don’t see the results as quickly as they expected. But one thing you have to remember is that these things take time. The road towards achieving success in your life will not be an easy one. There will be a lot of setbacks and hindrances. You may start feeling like it’s not working at all. But do yourself a favor and look back at what you have accomplished so far. You’ll realize that you’re closer to your dreams than you were before you began manifesting them.

Remember that nothing worth having comes easy. So work hard, enjoy the process, and believe in the power of manifestation.

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