Making an Impression: How to Present Yourself in Business

You can’t run a business without partners and customers. Your partners help keep you supplied with essential materials while customers buy from you. Both must trust you as a businessman. For this to happen, you have to give a good impression when you meet. Here are some tips on how you can ensure that is what happens.

Look Clean and Well-Dressed

If there is anything that will leave an impression, it is how good you are dressed. When going to meet potential partners and clients, you must look clean and presentable. You wouldn’t show up to a fancy party in your ordinary clothes. For business meetings, try to go to clothes that make you look as professional as possible. It doesn’t have to be a suit and tie. Good-fitting clothes and a presentable appearance is enough. That means shaving and bathing before the meeting. Even a decent haircut can go a long way.

Make the Right Introduction

The very first minute you meet with people, they’ll have an impression of you already. Start by being confident and upfront. Tell them your name, your industry, and what exactly your business does. It may seem a lot, but you can do it in two sentences if you go straight to the point. If possible, try to get a catchphrase in.

Another thing to remember is to give them a good and firm handshake. For most cultures, a solid handshake gives people the impression that you are reliable and trustworthy. Always remember to keep eye contact with the people you are meeting. It is another sign that you are not trying to hide anything.


employee smiling

You must smile. It may seem like a small thing, but a smile can be very memorable and a good show of enthusiasm. Many people like it when they meet someone who smiles. If your smile is missing a tooth or two, then tooth implants or other teeth replacements can be an excellent investment. An open smile is essential. If you can’t flash your pearly whites, then the person you’re meeting might think you’re not so enthusiastic about the deal.

Prepare for Everything

Meetings usually end up being presentations of your products and services. Stuttering during your presentation and scrambling around for various items is not a good look for any businessman. Days before the meeting, you should have everything ready. You need to be familiar with all of your materials, and you should be prepared for any questions people might ask. That will show in quick and fluid responses, which is another sign of confidence. As for materials like laptops and the like, you should have all those ready the night before. It ensures that you can smoothly present everything with only minor interruptions.

Leaving an Impression

Meetings can decide the fate of your business. As the owner, you represent it to all those that you meet. Giving a positive impression about yourself also reflects well on your business. With this in mind, you should do everything to create an image of professionalism and trustworthiness every time you meet with someone.

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