How to Sell Your Home to Seniors

If you want to sell your Utah house to the highest bidder, you might want to set your sights on the baby boomers. This population is set to soar even in the Beehive State within the next few years.

The growth of the senior group in Utah is one of the fastest ones in the United States. According to Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, those who are 65 years old and above account for 1 in every 10 residents in the state. However, by 2065, that ratio will be 1:5. Within this period, at least a million are already in retirement age.

Meanwhile, Nielsen revealed that men and women at least 50 years old would comprise 50% of the US population in 2030. By then, they will control over 65% of the country’s disposal income. It isn’t surprising that many experts describe this generation as one of the wealthiest.

The question is, how can you sell your home to this group? After all, their taste is different from the younger ones, such as millennials and Generation Z. Moreover, many would like to live the rest of their lives in their present home.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Focus on Location

When it comes to location, baby boomers are no different from the others: they want accessible properties. However, they are less likely to pick those that are within the city center. Instead, they might want homes in the suburbs.

The suburbs can offer them some privacy, peace, and quiet. However, they are also not too far from the world’s conveniences, especially healthcare and grocery.

In your listing, you can indicate the distance of these facilities from your home. Focus on this, too, instead of the price.

2. Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

cooking with grandma 

One of the ways to encourage seniors to move out of their homes and settle into yours is to make the space friendlier or accessible to them. For that, you need to retrofit:

  • Get rid of the stairs or, if you can’t, install a stairlift.
  • Change to motion-sensor lights.
  • Design a gradual-entry or beach-entry pools.
  • Use glass shower enclosures since they offer more stability and allow for low-clearance entries than curtains. Get help from experts in shower doors¬†for correct installation.
  • Repair cracks and remove door barriers that can increase the risk of tripping or falling.

3. Emphasize Space

For some time, many baby boomers bought mansions until they realized they’re complicated and expensive to maintain. As a selling point, you can emphasize the size of your house:

  • Seniors can choose homes with about two bedrooms, with one acting as a guest bedroom for families and friends.
  • They can also look for properties with yards where they can garden or entertain.
  • Some of them would want a functional space for their pets, especially dogs.
  • They can also opt for an open floor plan so that they have more control over the design and theme.

You can market your home in an online listing, but find one that renders well on a mobile device since a growing number of seniors are into smartphones. You can also deal with a real estate firm to add yours to their listing. To increase your chances of succeeding, though, remember these pointers.

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