Connect with Your Teen Through These Fun Activities You Can Do at Home

With quarantine measures still in effect, now’s the ideal time to bond with your teen. They’re certainly getting more bored by the day, with nothing much to do except surf the net. Some teens may find fun in other hobbies like reading and watching a movie, but sometimes, a more interactive activity, like a game, is what fuels real excitement.

If you’ve just undergone a dramatic basement remodeling, you can surely use that space for entertainment and games now. Your teen can also host sleepovers in there when the quarantines are finally lifted. A newly transformed basement just gives you a lot of opportunities to hold awesome activities, so get the most out of it by engaging in these family-bonding activities:

Board Games

To get your teen interested and engaged, select board games that challenge their critical thinking skills. Try Pandemic (which is fitting for today’s times), The Mind, or Wonder Woman. If strategy games are right up your alley, go for Dungeons and Dragons or Settlers of the Catan. Include party games in your options, too, such as Codenames or Double Ditto; your teen might love to play them on a sleepover.

Playing board games is a healthy way to keep your mind active while in quarantine. It keeps anxiety at bay, since the laughter you’ll share releases feel-good hormones. Cooperative and strategy games can also improve your teen’s memory, which will be beneficial when go back to school. Furthermore, it reduces stress, distracting us from the disheartening news headlines and economic crises.


Family vlogs are getting popular, so if you and your teens are confident in front of the camera, try using your basement as a vlogging studio. You don’t need to purchase professional equipment right away; a smartphone with a video editing app will already suffice!

Choose enriching topics, such as current events, personal struggles, interesting stories, or something fun like challenges and parodies. If you have a talent, especially as a family, try showcasing it as well.


If your teen’s group of friends are a loud and confident bunch, they’ll surely be thrilled by your karaoke machine. Or maybe your family is just fond of singing, and a karaoke machine will satisfy your frequent urges to belt out a tune.

teen her with mother


Fashion-savvy teens may be intrigued by the art of sewing. Teach them if you’re skilled in it, or learn together if you’re all novices to it. You may end up creating beautiful and functional items like clothes and bags, and make a business out of them.


If it’s getting a little stifling indoors, step outside and tend to your garden. Like board games, gardening has several benefits, too, such as burning calories, reducing stress, and stimulating happiness, to name a few. Arranging flower beds may also test your teen’s artistic skills.

The Importance of Connecting with Your Teen

Engaging in family activities is one of the best ways to connect with your teen. If they seem to brush off your attention, it’s usually just their way of asking for your time. Hence, find out your teen’s interests and hobbies, and let them be in control of the family activities. Once they feel your interest in spending time with them, they’ll naturally enjoy your company, and ask to do more things together.

Note that lack of attention may push teens to rebellion, so don’t go overboard in leaving your teen to his or her own devices. Listen attentively when they tell you stories, and be sincerely supportive in their endeavors and struggles. And simple things like playing games can encourage them to trust and love you more.

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