Crafting Your Content: Picking the Right Cast Members

When you are producing online marketing content, such as short films, guides, and demonstration videos, you know too well that the cast members are just as good as the content. Remember that the people who will star in the video will be the representatives of your brand, so you might as well spend time picking the right cast members. But some marketers and even producers tend to take this one lightly. They will often go for someone good-looking, even if they do not fit the persona of the brand.

Knowing the perfect cast members for your content project can be challenging. How do you know if this person is the one? Should you start setting up parameters? What are the things that you should be taking into consideration?

Luckily, this article has some answers. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from a reliable provider of content filming services in Manchester:

Read the material

The first thing that you should be doing is to read the material. Granted, you already know the material by heart. But you should read it again thoroughly to see or visualize the right kind of person for the role. If you are creating a demonstration video, it’s safe to go for someone who has a professional stance and tone. Similarly, it makes sense that you pick a seasoned actor if you are creating a dramatic short film.

Set specific characteristics

You should always be specific with the characteristics of the actor you want to be cast. If you do not know what you want yet, it pays that you look for pegs and inspirations. When you already have an idea, write these qualities down. Do not just write: “twenty-year old beautiful woman.” Instead, write: “twenty-year old, Asian, college-looking, and long-haired woman.” That way, it will be much easier for you to find the right person.

Mind the chemistry

women actors currently filming

In case you are shooting a short film, you are obviously hiring multiple actors. While you have a clear picture and vision for each character, you also have to gauge how they will look together. The chemistry among the characters will spice up your material. You might want to conduct some screen tests prior to the final casting.

Work with a casting director

While you already have a producer overseeing the production process, it pays that you have another person working on the cast. In this regard, it’s wise to have a casting director. They have networks of talent agencies and actors, so finding the right cast members will be much easier.

The quality of your content partly depends on your presenters and actors. You always have to remember that these cast members are essentially representatives of your business. They are your brand ambassadors. With that in mind, you need to make sure that the right people will be picked. It is always wise to read the script again and look at the values of your brand. These things should give you an idea of what kind of actors you should be casting.

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