Catching Customer’s Eyes: What You Should Focus On

Bringing a product to store shelves means you have to compete with other products for attention. If your product design is boring, people will ignore it. It doesn’t matter how good the product is but how attractive it looks. To ensure that your product has a chance, here are some visual factors that you have to focus on.


The color of your product packaging can be the first thing that a customer sees when looking at your product. When it comes to choosing the color to use, look up the color psychology chart. Every color choice has a particular effect. Depending on the sort of item you are selling, some colors can work better than others. For example, red is the color of warmth and excitement. Many drink companies choose this color because they want customers to associate their beverages with color. Coca Cola’s distinct red is an excellent example of this.


The shape of the product can also help catch the customer’s eye. Larger products can dominate the shelves, while those with a distinct form can be memorable. If you are planning to use a unique shape for your product, then contact your packaging supplier to see if they can make it for you. But the real factor is convenience. Studies show that products that are easy to hold, carry, or store tends to be bought more. Test your packaging out when you receive it. If you cannot easily carry it, then you may need to redesign your product packaging.


Your product should have a clear label on it. People won’t know what it is if it is a blank product. When you are placing a label on your product, the product name should be prominent. Also, the back of the product should have more details about the product. First, show the ingredients so that people know what they are buying. Next, you have to give instructions on use. You do not want people to misuse your product. Finally, the remaining space is for telling customers about your company. The labeling should be clear and understandable. Use fonts that match well with your product and are in the right size.

Besides the text, the label should have some graphic elements on it. If you have one, your brand logo should be a prominent part of any label. Additionally, some products have mascots or designs that make them recognizable. For example, products meant for children usually have a cartoon mascot to attract them better. Work with a graphic designer to create graphics that target your intended audience.

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While the main components of the product package done, it is time to look for other factors that can influence the buyer in the packaging. For example, some buyers like it if they can recycle your packaging easily. If your product comes in a cardboard box, making it durable for future storage use can be the right choice. Other potential packaging decisions can be to add promotional items or to make a novelty design to make people curious.

Catch the Eye

Store shelves are full of various products competing for attention. Aim for your product to stand out to increase the chance of purchase. Investing in good packaging can mean you get a sale, and your competitors do not.

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