A Guide to BDA Testing

To protect the inhabitants of a building during an emergency that requires the entrance of emergency personnel, BDA testing may be necessary. According to the video “BDA: Testing Building Coverage,” multiple sides of the building will need to be tested to ensure that areas with weak signals are accounted for. Although this type of testing may feel like a hassle for building owners, it is important to ensure that your building is safe in the event of a fire or another emergency.

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If you don’t do this type of testing, your staff or residents may be in peril if an emergency happens and emergency responders aren’t able to communicate effectively through radio signals.

If you’ve never gotten BDA testing done before in your building, you should schedule a qualified professional to perform it as soon as possible. Depending on the applicable building codes in your state, city, or municipality, failing to pass this kind of testing could lead to fines or other consequences. Worst of all, it could lead to emergency responders’ communication methods becoming ineffective in a crisis if they can’t catch a strong signal on their communicative devices in your building. After this kind of testing, you’ll receive a report and summary of recommendations from the professional or specialized testing company that conducted this testing in your building.

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