Your Business Needs a Graphic Design Overhaul

Colors pop. Pictures hold a thousand words. And good graphic design can hook and reel in an audience in a way that words could never achieve.

Let’s be real; while a good essay can expound ideas, wordiness is tough to deal with. And not to mention that the vast majority of us don’t carry a high enough threshold to stomach thousands of words. Nowadays, words alone fail to meet people’s standards; they can get boring pretty fast, depending on the person.

This is where graphic design comes into play; it takes all these data, ideas, goals, emotions, and combines them into a unique work of art that grabs people’s attention. And without having to do any research or reading through a pamphlet, people immediately understand what the design is trying to tell them.

This is why businesses invest in good graphic design because it completes their brand image, and it’s the face of the company to the world.

However, an issue that’s been plaguing many companies today is their neglect of this critical aspect. Businesses spend too much time focusing on engagement, numbers, and analytics. To the point where they’ve forgotten graphic design.

Graphic Design is Powerful

No other medium of information can convey a message as graphic design can. It is capable of compressing and delivering hundreds of pages worth of data in one graphic alone. Their effectiveness is seen everywhere from tables & charts to stylish infographics, and even the simple road signs.

In the realm of business, the significance of graphic design also reigns supreme. Your logo establishes your brand image, and your target audience will now associate this image with your entire business.

Now, imagine making good progress and growth, the public starts taking notice of your company, but the logo they associate with your operations reeks of low quality. This leaves a bad taste, and to an extent, can throw off potential customers from ever thinking of your brand again.

However, if your logo looks amazing in that same scenario, the opposite would happen, and it will amplify your business growth.

First Impressions Last

In the business landscape, everything we do, say, and show to the public is subject to judgment, criticism, and comparison. And while this does encourage companies to makes smart decisions and competitiveness, it also increases the impact of excellent graphic design.

Let’s say your business offers plumbing and electrical services to the city and that there’s an identical business just two blocks away. If both of you provided the same quality of services and level of expertise, what do you think the deciding factor will be for customers? The answer is whichever business looks better.

If the competing business boasts a clean, welcoming, and updated design vs. your dull and outdated adverts and image, customers will always choose the former. Good graphic designs convey professionalism and help businesses look more credible to the public.

Completes the Marketing Strategy

Apart from impact and capabilities, the best part about graphic design is that it completes the marketing strategy. If good infographics and beautiful ads accompany your search engine optimized content, expect it to leave a stronger impression on your potential customers.

Remember, heaps of words, regardless of how persuading, can only do so much. The same goes for a bland brand image; it won’t catch any attention or turn any heads. With those combined, even the most excellent marketing strategies won’t get past the first step of the process if the target audience doesn’t notice.

If customer engagement is the bridge between business and audience, look at graphic design as the foundation for holding the bridge together. Without a good supporting structure, no target audience would dare to cross that bridge.

team brainstormingWhat Designs Should I Explore?

Graphic designs, tastes, and trends have come a long way since the most basic of styles. The tone of the new decade focuses on evolution, to be simple yet stunning. And among the following are leading themes that are catching looks around the world:

    • Cyberpunk and Futuristic: Reflective of a new future, cyberpunk themes that are expressive with bolder colors are becoming a mainstay in many industries.
    • Street Art and Retro: The street art aesthetic offers more than just a comeback to previous years. Instead, it brings personality to a brand.
    • Typography: Prevalent everywhere, typography has become the balance of meaningful yet straightforward in graphic design. From brand names to head-turning adverts, they are catching the attention of all forms of audience.

Stay Ahead

Graphic design is what turns a good business into a world-class company. Don’t let your competitors get their first and stay ahead of the pack by overhauling your brand image and graphic design strategy.

Embrace creativity and let expression radiate through your business.

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