Weird and Funny Activities People Did During Quarantine

Ever wondered what other people did during quarantine? The coronavirus pandemic brought out the best, worst, and funniest in us. When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic in March, governments requested their citizens to stay at home, isolate, quarantine, and practice social distancing. While many decided it was time to clean the house, learn a new skill, or catch up on work, some made the quarantine fun by doing these weird, hilarious, and impossible activities.

Build Something

Some clean their houses. Others build decks, tree houses, and yes, even swimming pools. Some, after learning from a tennis court contractor they watched on YouTube, converted their backyards into a tennis or basketball court. Why call a contractor when you are practicing social distancing, right? Forget about learning a new skill. Many experimented with the skills they “learned” from the internet and renovated their homes.

Yard Shows

Two stuffed teddy bears had the time of their lives in Stockport, England. Their owners decided to amuse themselves and their neighbors by emulating different life scenes every day. One day, the bears are taking a shower in a toy bathtub. Another day, one is cooking while the other mows the lawn. They are called the Moor Bears. They are so popular that they even have a Facebook and Instagram page.

Photo Shoot

Why not have a physically distant photoshoot with your friends? Everyone is trying their best to entertain themselves at home, so much so that a group of friends in one neighborhood decided to do a photoshoot on their block while wearing their wedding dresses. Who said you need to get married to wear your wedding dress? Since you’re cleaning the house and finding old treasures aka your old wedding dress, why not wear it for one last hurrah before storing it somewhere in your basement?

Dog Pictorials

People are so fancy with their pets. Dogs are like family. You know that. When some people had to stay at home because of the outbreak, they turned their dogs into supermodels. Many bought dog costumes online and took pictures of their dogs while wearing the costumes. If you check Instagram, there’s a host of new profiles that dog owners made for their pets. They had to immortalize what shenanigans their dogs did while stuck at home.

Family Olympics

What better way to spend the days of social isolation but be merry with the people you can have close encounters with? Some families turned this horrific period into a fun bonding activity. They thought of games and had a mini Olympic. Some turned flying paper airplanes into an actual competition. Some had a hotdog-eating contest at home. Of course, many had their own cook-off competition to know who makes the best meatloaf in the family.

Recreating the Normal Life

People get creative when they are at home. One dad wants life to be as normal as possible for his kids, so he recreated a McDonald’s drive-thru, Starbucks, and the movie theaters. That means that for the movie theater, he has to cook them popcorn and act as a movie theater attendant. For the McDonald’s drive-thru, he cooked some nuggets, fries, and burgers. He printed the logo on a piece of parchment paper and wrapped the burger in it.


This is the craziest idea people had while in quarantine. They thought they can cut their own hair. Many barbershops and salons closed during the height of the outbreak from March to May. As a result, people resorted to cutting their own hair. The husbands had the hardest time of all because their wives wanted to try to cut their hair.

Fashion Show

Trying on some clothes

Whoever thought that only supermodels can do a fashion show clearly never experienced a quarantine. People turned their homes into their very own fashion ramps. They donned different styles of clothing. Men played around and wore evening gowns and stilettos. Some brought their A games and now have thousands of followers on TikTok and YouTube. After all, if you cannot strut your new dresses and suits on the office floor, then why not turn your house into a fashion walkway?

The coronavirus outbreak was and is a serious matter. You shouldn’t take it lightly. However, as people suffer from anxiety, depression, and even boredom, they also found quirky and weird ways to survive this horrible time. These are unusual times. No one knows how to survive a time like this. Feel free to experiment with fun activities while at home.

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