Using Video Content to Attract Your Target Audience

Videos are slowly becoming the most popular type of online content. It’s not surprising because human beings are visual animals. Marketers find it easier to pique their interest and grab their attention with film production than with plain content. Hence, more and more marketers incorporate video content into their digital marketing tactics. Because videos have contributed to their plan’s success, they’ve become a necessity in this era.

Below is a guide that will help you make video editing much easier than before.

How Videos Can Help Your Business

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Based on statics, nearly 78% of customers watch online videos weekly, while almost 55% watch them daily. Because the number of people watching video content is high, entrepreneurs will miss out on the chance to reach out to their target audience if they don’t incorporate videos in their strategies. It’ll also hinder them in presenting their products and services to them.

Your focus should be on producing videos that generate sales and drive more traffic. In addition, most companies market their brands through promotional films, allowing them to convey their message. They even hire corporate video production services for the training materials of their staff or other non-promotional content.

You can use video content marketing in different means to increase brand awareness, income, and traffic, including:

  • Video advertisements
  • Webinars
  • Testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • How-to videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product reviews

Apart from well-established companies, influencers, teachers, vloggers, freelancers, and other individuals are becoming increasingly aware of how videos can help them.

3 Mobile Video Editing Apps to Use

Before, editing videos could mean sitting in front of a computer or laptop; however, times change. Most professional-grade editors for Android or iPhone now allow you to create engaging content from your smartphones. Using the pro versions of these apps is unnecessary, but it might be overwhelming to pick one. Below is a guide of the three best video editing platforms for Android or iPhone.

PowerDirector (iOS, Android)

You can use PowerDirector both on Android and iPhone. It contains all the condensed features of its desktop version. It also has a streamlined mobile interface that allows you to do 4k and multi-track editing, giving your videos the professional touch needed so that they stand out on social media. Its interface and features will also allow you to edit a video even if you lack the necessary experience. Its linear timeline will also enable you to put together snippets, and the audio mixer is helpful for sound designing your videos.

PowerDirector also offers different visual effect tools, ranging from speed adjustments to compositing. Its library is also full of stylized transitions, motion titles, and templates for YouTube outros and intros. No other editing app offers the same level of versatility.

Splice (iOS, Android)

Splice is a product designed by GoPro, but Bending Spoons bought the mobile app in 2018. It’s available on both Android and iPhone, providing you with lots of basic video editing techniques. It’s also the best platform for amateur editors who want to focus on mobile video editing. Maybe you want to produce a quick reel that highlights your latest adventures. Using Splice is the best course of action.

Once you’ve already placed the right tracks and uploaded the snippets, you can crop and trim them with a few clicks. Then, you’ll get cleaner and smoother footage. You can also add a festive feel with its extensive free sound effects and music library. Find the track you want to include in a particular part of the timeline and edit it.

You can also directly upload the video on social media, use video effects, and insert video transitions. If you want to maximize what this app offers, upgrading with an in-app purchase is necessary. You can avail of their yearly, quarterly, or monthly versions, but each offers a free trial for one month.

KineMaster (iOS, Android)

KineMaster is another editing app that supports 4K editing and exporting the video to YouTube. You can also edit, cut, and trim clips and audios frame-by-frame, ensuring that your videos will turn out the way you want. It doesn’t have a traditional timeline, so your clips will tend to overlap with each other instead of going on a separate track. It’ll also allow you to compile texts, video effects, and images to create a sophisticated video.

But buying its pro version is necessary if you want to get rid of the watermarks. Other KineMaster features include lighting adjustments, chroma key, video transitions, and blending, all available in their easy-to-navigate interface.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to make your YouTube intro or a short video for social media, using one of these apps will provide you with the features and functionality you’re looking for.

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