How Technology Changed the Way We Protect Our Homes

The unstoppable advancements in technology have transformed society and human culture in so many ways possible. Its innovation can be found anywhere, from the biggest business industries down to the comfort of our little homes. Now, both apartment dwellers and homeowners are reaping the benefits of smart home technology.

Smart home technology offers numerous perks for users, including additional luxuries and comfort, more control over the space, and, most of all, improved security. Security is undeniably one of the top priorities for most of us, which has now changed in many ways, thanks to technology. Discover here how exactly technology has transformed the way homeowners monitor and protect their property.

Smart door locks

The security of our homes is surely one of the most mind bugging things we think about every day. With the innovation of smart door locks, you won’t have to fumble and search for your house keys. You won’t have to lend keys to your friends to check on the house while you’re gone for vacation. And the best part? You know exactly when any of your doors are close or open.

Smart locks will send alerts to your email and phone whenever someone tries to break in or when your kids arrive from school. These locks can typically be installed in traditional doors, and they come in various styles and sizes as well. There are also smart locks that are handle or doorknob type.

Fingerprint scanners

First popularized for commercial applications, fingerprint scanners have now made their way into modern homes. This biometric modality offers an easier way for homeowners to lock and unlock their devices or properties.  Unlike common door locks with password authentication, this biometric authentication tool provides more advanced protection but seamless access control.

Fingerprint scanners offer better security as unauthorized persons can’t easily write down or copy your codes. They’ll basically need to duplicate your fingerprint. It can be installed in your doors or highly critical home devices you have. Other forms of biometric authentication technology like iris scanners, face and voice recognition, and hand geometry.

security cameras

Smarter camera systems

We’ve seen how security camera systems have grown over the years. They can be installed almost anywhere in your property, from your interior out to your backyard fence. They can survive harsh climates and still give you visuals of what’s going on in your home. But in recent years, they’ve gotten way smarter.

You can now have high-end thermal cameras with night vision installed in your custom-fit home fence.  If you’ve got a bigger yard and more fences to secure, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras can offer you maximum visibility at wide-angle or through close inspection. For added security, modern surveillance systems also now have motion detection technology, which is often used on commercial properties. But hey, if you’ve got tons of valuable and expensive things in your home, why not get one, right?

Automation systems

Smart home automation generally refers to the high-tech functionality that allows you to flexibly manage all your home systems and devices in one place. You basically need to download an app on your tablet and smartphone, and you can readily tap into numerous devices and functions throughout your house. Such apps aren’t the ones you download on the Google Playstore or App Store. They are designed and provided by home security companies for this particular purpose.

Home automation systems can also easily maximize your home security. It can be connected to automated door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other tangle security measures at your property. And just like other smart home innovations, security alerts are also available.

Security apps

Speaking of smart security apps, this technology particularly allows you to make adjustments to your space wherever you are. Often connected to the other smart home devices, these applications can be used to adjust lighting, set your alarms, lock your door, or check your overall surveillance. It also offers a dedicated place where you can receive notifications when intruders set off your sensors. You can also utilize these apps to check live surveillance footage of your property or even disarm your entire security system.

There’s no question how technology has made an amazing impact on our lives, particularly in our very own living spaces. As long as we use it right, technology will continue to bring us innovation that promises a better life. A life that’s more connected, less exhausting, more comfortable, and more secured. If you still haven’t had the chance to incorporate smart home tech into your life, this is the day to start investing in it and experience automation and ease.

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