Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Puppy

Are you thinking about adding a furry friend to your family? Well, you’re not the only one. Millions of Americans have a dog living in their home, and many more will get one for their home. If you’re on the fence about adopting a fur baby, you may wonder whether you should adopt an adult dog or a puppy. While both have pros and cons, there are some compelling reasons to choose a puppy. Here are just a few.

Puppies Are More Adaptable

Puppies are more adaptable than adult dogs and can learn tricks, manners, and obedience commands more quickly. They’re also less likely to have developed bad habits, such as excessive barking or chewing. So if you’re looking for a dog that will be easy to train and mold into your ideal companion, a puppy is probably your best bet.

They Grow Into Their Parents

When you adopt an adult dog, you see what you get. With a puppy, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to watch them grow and change over time into its full-size form. This can be especially exciting if you plan to adopt a mixed-breed pup since it’s often difficult to predict how they will look as adults. No matter what type of puppy you choose, though, it’s sure to be fun watching them turn into full-grown dogs before your eyes.

They Require Less Maintenance

Adult dogs need exercise just like puppies, but they usually require more. They also need less frequent meals (typically twice per day as opposed to three or four times for puppies) and can often go long periods between potty breaks. Adopting an adult dog may not be the best option if you’re worried about having enough time to care for a canine companion. A puppy may be a better fit since it’ll require less of your time and attention in the beginning. This will then help you transition your lifestyle around their growth, helping you adapt in a healthier way.

They Offer More Companionship

While adult dogs can make great companions, too, puppies tend to be more affectionate and attached to their owners. They also tend to follow their owners around more and always want to be near them. If constant companionship is what you’re looking for in a dog, then adopting a puppy is probably your best bet.

They Are More Affectionate

Puppies are more likely to show their affection for you than adult dogs. They’ll always want to be near you, follow you around the house, and shower you with kisses. So if you’re looking for a dog that will show you lots of love, then a puppy is probably the right choice.

Adopting a puppy can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to remember that they require time, patience, and effort. They are also vulnerable to learning destructive behaviors since certain breeds have undesirable behaviors. For example, herding breeds often nip at people’s heels, and terriers dig. If you want to prevent these behaviors from forming, you can train your puppy to become the obedient dog you want them to be.

A girl and her lovely puppy


If you want to adopt a puppy and you want them to behave, you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to train them. The first thing you need to learn about is reinforcement.

Reinforcement is a consequence that will increase the likelihood of a behavior being repeated. For example, if your puppy is sitting calmly and you give them a treat, they will likely repeat the behavior since they know they will get a reward. On the other hand, if you scold your puppy for jumping on you, they are less likely to do it again since it results in a negative consequence.

There are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative.

Positive reinforcement is when you add something to increase the likelihood of repeated behavior, such as giving your puppy a treat for sitting calmly. Negative reinforcement is when you remove something to increase the probability of a behavior being repeated, such as taking your hand away when your puppy jumps on you.

How to Implement It?

Implementing reinforcement into your puppy’s life is relatively easy. It’s all about using the right dog treats for them at the right time. So ensure that you don’t give them a treat whenever they want it. It must be under your terms and towards behavior that you want them to do more in the future.

Many types of dog treats are available, so it’s essential to choose the ones your puppy will enjoy. Small, soft treats are often the best option since they’re easy to chew and digest. You can also break them into smaller pieces to use them more effectively during training sessions.

It’s also important to remember that reinforcement should be used immediately after the desired behavior is displayed. If there is a delay between the behavior and the reinforcement, your puppy may not make the connection between the two.

Adopting a puppy might be one of the best choices you can make in your life. However, before you do, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons. It’s also crucial that you train them so they can become the obedient dog you’ve always wanted. But, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, a puppy might be the perfect addition to your family.

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