Pimping Your Ride: Incorporating Modifications to Your Car

Car modification can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you want your car to stand out from the rest. There are many types of car mods that you can add to your vehicle ranging from cosmetic mods to performance mods. Most people love a mix of both performance and cosmetic modifications; needless to say, that these costs can add up.

Cheap car modifications

However, there are cheap car modifications that you can implement in your car. There are many easy and inexpensive car modifications that you can do yourself, even for the most inexperienced car modder out there. These modifications will enhance your car’s performance slightly and add a bit of flair while on a budget.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a cheap cosmetic modification to add to your car; it can be used in your car’s interior and the exterior lines underneath your vehicle. This car mod accentuates your vehicle’s lines and adds and makes your vehicle look exotic and expensive.

You don’t necessarily need to get yourself a brand new car if you’re looking at making car modifications as your hobby. Fortunately, you can avail of a variety of used cars at just a reasonable price.

Short Throw Shifter

This modification is relatively easy to do yourself. However, if you do not have any car modification experience, we recommend that you go to a car mod shop to have this installed. A short-throw shifter changes the distance from the end of the shift to the shift stick’s fulcrum point. This modification changes how the shift responds to your movements and makes shifting fast and effortless.

Shift Knob

Replacing a shift knob is a fast, easy and cheap car mod and can take five minutes or less. There are various shift knobs to choose from online, ranging from skull shift knobs to a basketball shift knob. It’s a fun way to add your personality to your car, and it is a cool way to show off to your friends.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors, also known as rain guards, can decrease air drag, making your car more aerodynamic and improving overall performance. It also adds a bit of flair to your car windows and makes your car look more relaxed. However, keep in mind that when shopping for wind deflectors, get the measurements of your windows. The last thing that you want is purchasing wind deflectors that don’t fit in your car window.

Window Tints

If your state allows window tints, then you should get one. Window tints are a long time favorite for car modders out there as this modification not only adds a unique flair to your car but also reduces interior fading, protection from UV rays, and hides any belongings in your car.


Decals can be a fun way to modify your car’s exterior inexpensively. However, ensure that your car decal is applied carefully. If you do not feel confident in using it yourself, we recommend going to an auto body shop to ensure that the design doesn’t come out crooked.

New Rims

Changing your stock rims to a new and exotic-looking one can make your car stand out from the crowd. And make your car look unique compared to similar models.


car spolier concept

Spoiler makes your car look unique and adds to the overall aerodynamic performance of your vehicle. Spoilers can be easily installed and only requires the proper tools.

Head Ornaments

This mod can be a bit pricey, depending on the custom design. But still relatively cheap if you order your head ornament online. A custom hood ornament is similar to a shift knob and can be changed to fit your personality or your car’s overall look.

Throttle Cable Adjustment

A throttle cable adjustment is a cheap and easy way to improve your car’s performance. You can do this mod yourself by watching tutorial videos online, but it is highly recommended that you go to an auto body shop to get the best adjustment possible. Adjusting the throttle cable can improve the car’s response time relative to the gas pedal.


Bushings are an essential part of your car as they prevent any vibrations. While every vehicle does come with a bushing, stock bushings are usually made from plastic and can crack over time. However, by replacing your car’s stock bushing with a custom polyurethane bushing, you can ensure that you won’t have to worry about replacing your car’s bushing for a long time.

Upgrading your car with car mods can be a fun way to spend your time after working long hours at work. But you don’t have to break the bank every time you engage in this hobby necessarily. The cheap and easy to do car mods above can improve your car’s overall look and performance.

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