Make Your Products Stand Out During the Holidays

Christmas is around the corner. People are clamouring to get their Christmas shopping done for the holidays. New Zealand may have a different Christmas gift selection compared to most of the world. With summer at the peak in December, gifts and food items are different. Still, with so many gift ideas to choose from, how will your store stand out?

Make it a Season of Giving

There is no better time to offer some freebies than Christmas. Enlisting a printing service of custom stickers is a good option. You can use these items for the season in many ways. Produce beautifully designed stickers with holiday themes and your store’s name, for example. It can promote your brand and be an instant giveaway. Your customers can stick these stickers anywhere they want.

Functional giveaways and have your store’s greetings in sticker tags is another way to stand out. Think of small items in your inventory that are useful and can be giveaways.

The last alternative is to have free sticker gift tags every time a customer buys an item from your store. Do not forget to blend in your store’s name somewhere in the tag. Your customers will appreciate saving up on small items such as gift tags.

christmas tree

Liven Things Up with a Contest

Build a competitive spirit with a creative contest and a good prize. It can be a tree-decorating contest or a holiday-themed costume contest. Encourage customers to take part and give a prize that will equal their efforts. It does not need to be expensive but one that they would appreciate having.

Although not all your customers might join, this strategy will increase foot traffic in your store. Some will be curious to see updates and entries to the contest. While they are at your store, they may see an item (or a cartload) they need.

Update your website and social media accounts. Make it enjoyable for people to browse through your social media platforms. You may also create a short Christmas video that your customers can relate to and will give your store a good recall.

Craft blogs or email updates that will help customers think of perfect gifts. Your topics can be like gift ideas for each member of the family. These will help people to get their shopping lists and budgets organised.

It will delight them to see that they can have most, if not everything, they need at your store. This strategy will help people save time choosing impulsively for gifts. It will also cut the chances of buying the next thing they see because they are already tired of looking. Help your customers find meaningful gifts while increasing your revenues.

Capitalise on Gift Cards

Some people have a detailed shopping list, while some are clueless about what to give. Offer them your store’s gift cards. These are good alternatives for people who have picky friends or family members. It will ensure the giver that the receivers will get something that they want.

This marketing strategy brings in good income at the onset of the incoming year. This is when most people use them. That will be a good way to start a business for a brand new year.

As a good retail owner, help people to take the stress out from buying gifts and make the season a happy one for them. Do not focus only on increasing sales. When people see that you value them, they will come back to your brand even beyond the holidays.

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