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Many rely on social media to keep in touch with family and friends. However, it’s turning into a platform for companies to appeal to potential consumers through a well-thought social media marketing strategy. Hence, social media is now becoming a huge part of society. Due to its rapid growth, different trends evolved and emerged.

Using these new and upcoming trends will keep your business afloat despite the fierce competition. Learn more about these trends through this guide.

Transforming Social Media With Live Feeds

Today, social media experts focus on video marketing, further increasing the popularity of live feeds. Brands use live videos to connect with their customers for interaction. In fact, the popularity of live feeds surpassed the demand for video content.

Different social media platforms, including Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, have this feature. That’s because nearly 82% of their audiences prefer live feeds on social media. In addition, there’s an increasing number of renowned personalities or celebrities using this feature for different brands, allowing the public to interact with them on social media.

Impromptu live chats are also the best way to grab the audience’s attention and make important announcements.

Growing Need for Chatbot Communication

No one wants to waste their time on generic computerized communications when communicating with a company’s customer service representatives. Luckily, most companies and brands introduced chatbots that quickly address a customer’s problems. AI-assisted chatbots can accurately understand any concern or question, allowing them to provide the best solutions within seconds.

Many brands can’t provide 24/7 customer support, and it might get frustrating if you get stuck with an order where someone can’t assist you. Besides, brands started integrating AI-assisted chatbots into their social media pages, reducing their dependence on live representatives. You’ll get answers to your concerns at any time of the day. Most brands now use AI chatbots, so they’ll continue improving brand-consumer relationships.

Brands Hiring Influencers to Get Exposure

More and more brands rely on influencer marketing, and it’ll continue for the next few years. But how influencers and brands collaborate will change in the coming years. Brands will work with influencers for different social media promotions or posts. Both sides will put equally promote the content created by influencers.

Bigger brands tend to work with niche bloggers and micro-influencers to incorporate overall transparency and inclusivity into their marketing campaigns. It also means that they’ll be more attentive in picking influencers. In endorsing branded products and services, influencers can’t get away with posting pictures of themselves with the item.

For example, a brand is trying to reach mobile video players, so they’ll pick someone who excels in that niche and has a huge social media presence.

Influencers need to put equal effort into brand content creation, focusing more on photo stories, tutorial videos, demos, or long-form content. Now, social media platforms offer exclusive monetization options for influencers. It’ll support them in securing their future while working to promote brands. Other platforms offer a paid subscription service so that their followers can get exclusive content from their favorite influencers.

Turning It Into a Trustworthy News Portal

Most people might rely on social media for entertainment, but they can also turn into a space for serious discussions on different topics of interest. Twitter is one of the tools that prioritized delivering global new stories. But its credibility wasn’t that high, leading to controversies. Over time, Twitter will implement stricter regulations to keep fake info and news at bay. That means only posting credible stories from reliable sources.

Though Twitter never surpassed the other platforms in terms of usability and popularity, it continues to be an important platform for others. Many expect Twitter to turn into a mainstream news media platform, increasing engagement from its users.

User-Generated Content for More Impact
person sharing on his social media

User-generated content refers to content generated by users on social media. Brands have started using this feature to prove their products’ and services’ quality. Besides, they actively promote user-generated content as part of their branded content. It offers multiple benefits:

1. It helps lower the budget for branded content by using UGC

2. It allows brands to appeal to their audiences and make them feel heard.

UGC is authentic as brands don’t have to control what their users say or post. It’s the most reliable way to learn more about a business or brand. Over time, companies will encourage people for UGC to increase their engagement.

Numerous social media trends will continue to dominate 2022, significantly impacting the users and brands. If you haven’t adapted to the new trends this year, it’s time you do that to promote your brand on social media and stay ahead of the competition.

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