Land Ho! Different Ways to Enjoy Your Land

Land ownership can be just as fun as homeownership. Naturally, how you treat the land will be very different from how you treat a garden. A garden is very much your responsibility and depends on you for upkeep and well-being. A big piece of land is pretty much self-sustaining. You can change some features to accommodate your plans, but it will take care of itself and keep being a source of pride and enjoyment for you and your loved ones.

Unlike a house, land has almost infinite possibilities for entertainment and decoration. How can you choose? If you have a set-in-stone hobby that you and your family enjoy, this question can be easy to answer. You can call a firing range consultant to see if your property is suitable for hunting. A ranger will suggest the best way to use your land for hunting or fishing and the best season for each. If you are into conservation, you can even use your land to build up bee populations or invite scientists to use it for ecological restoration projects.

The best way to decide what works best for you is to find out about your options as much as possible. Whatever you do decide, make sure it works with the natural lay and ecology of the land. After all, you chose this property for its natural beauty and nothing that endangers that is worth having.

Trekking the Property

The amount of trekking available depends on how much land you have. If your property is large enough, you can walk through and build rest stops along the way. Leave markers that point out good glades for camping and indicate which river areas are safe for crossing. This will ensure that your children will be safe wandering the property by themselves.

If you enjoy trekking in summer, you will undoubtedly enjoy snowshoe trekking or cross-country skiing in winter. Make sure to go over the trails with adults first, as the markers you leave during summer can be covered in snow. Additionally, the terrain can look totally different in winter than in summer. This means taking extra care to keep children safe. Once this is done, you and your family can enjoy some truly memorable time in nature, just appreciating the beauty of this land.

Treehouse Camping

Camping usually keeps you down in a meadow or a glade, and while you do get to see the wildlife, it is at a distance. This is because it is safer in wild countries to use fire to keep away predators, but it ends up spooking the prey animals you want to see.

Treehouse camping requires you to build secure platforms in trees so that you can view the wildlife from a distance without spooking them. If you leave a little feed near the tree, the local wildlife will be attracted, and you can get some beautiful photographs while they graze.

This is a great idea for people who enjoy wildlife photography and can be a safer way to enjoy some hunting. Keep in mind that staying in a treehouse means you cannot light a fire, so ensure everyone dresses warmly before going on the adventure.


Grow an Orchard

This is mainly for people who enjoy growing things and want a more practical purpose out of their land. It is also a great way to use land that is not big enough for activities like trekking or camping.

Depending on the accessibility of your orchard, it can even turn into a great opportunity to make some extra money on the side. During harvest time, you can invite tourists to pay a flat fee where they get to wander in the orchard, take photos, and pick fruits. This way, you do not have to deal with the bulk of the fruit but still get to harvest enough for you and your family. As the tourists will enjoy picking for themselves, you will simply have to go in and do maintenance at the end of every visit day.

If you decide to plant a vineyard, you can even rent it out for outdoor weddings. People love a picturesque venue, and you can even find other ways to market it to photographers.

Solar Energy Farm

A solar energy farm is an efficient use of your land. You can make some good money, aid in reducing the burning of fossil fuels, and get good use out of a rocky piece of land that gets too much sun.

Many states will even help subsidize the cost of building the solar farm if you agree to sell the energy to them. It will help them provide alternate forms of energy to people who do not want fossil fuels powering their homes. These contracts are also usually quite long-term, so you can look at a very secure source of income. Because it is an environmentally friendly form of energy generation, you can even get tax breaks for the maintenance cost and repairs.


A big piece of property is an endless opportunity to enjoy all the ways you can experience nature. Many people want to harmonize with nature and recover from the pressures of city life. Others enjoy using the land to do historical reenactments or have renaissance fairs.   The common denominator is that it is a chance to slow down and feel at peace with oneself. Not many people get to seek and enjoy the slower pace of life that you find within the sprawling, wooded land. Once you have it, make sure you appreciate it to the best of your abilities.

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