How You Dress and What You Wear Matter

A person’s way of dressing up and their choice of clothes are important for many reasons. For one, wearing the right clothes at the right occasion make you look good and presentable. It can also affect your mood, your way of thinking, and how others will treat you.

In job interviews, when making presentations, or during networking events, your choice of clothes and how you dress can have an impact on your ability to make good first impressions. Research shows that others can judge you depending on your footwear of choice. As it turns out, the kinds of shoes you often wear can be in tune with your age and earnings, among other variables.

In sports, what you wear can affect your safety and performance. This is why experts recommend that you wear the right sportswear, depending on the activity you will be participating in. It is also the reason many companies work hard in providing consumers with a large variety of activewear. They cater to both kids and adults, and each company can have specialty sportswear to offer. For instance, for people who like skiing and snowboarding with kids, they can buy Spyder snow pants for boys and girls.

The Way You Dress Speaks Volumes

Your way of dressing up can affect how other people think of you as a person. There is a reason wearing something formal and professional is encouraged during important events. This is to showcase your socioeconomic status, create social distance, and silently tell others how you want to be treated.

News broke when former president Barack Obama went to speak sans jacket and with his sleeves rolled up. Carol Goman said that she was pleased with the former president’s simple gesture as it showed his attempt to take a different approach when talking to the group of working Americans. The silent gesture showed that he was also a hardworker and was able to capture his audience’s attention.

Your Choice of Clothes Affects the Planet

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How many clothes are only sitting in your closet and will soon be disposed of? According to The New York Times, the fashion industry greatly contributes to pollution. Most people use their clothes up to only ten times. After this, the clothes either end up being donated or sold at garage sales or thrift stores. But the majority of fashion junks are disposed of in landfills. This shows that our fashion disposal habits are not helping our planet heal and recover.

Buying only the clothes you need and will use several times help lessen the stress that the planet needs to take. Don’t just buy clothes that look good, are a great fit, or match your budget. Choose thicker and comfortable fabrics, use the tug test, and limit your polyester purchase. Take great care of your clothes so that they can last longer and you can use them for a long time. If you can, opt to rent out clothes you don’t often wear to save money and storage space.

In a nutshell, your choice of clothes and way of dressing up can affect more than your looks, how you feel, and what others think of you. These matter because they are also a way to silently communicate with your audience. Your choice of clothes and your fashion disposal behavior can also have certain effects on our planet.

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