How to Drive Profitability For Your E-commerce Business Through YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has grown incredibly as a platform where everyone can share content on the internet. YouTube ads are known to bring forth tons of powerful opportunities for marketing. These ads were predicted to generate about 4.34 billion in advertising revenues in 2020. According to data, 90% of web users in America are watching videos online through Youtube.

Moreover, influencers found their way towards mainstream media, and businesses took this opportunity to promote their products. With the number of people watching these videos, the message that the brands want to deliver effectively gets across a diverse range of consumers worldwide.

There are several kinds of content that e-commerce companies can try to adjust to their targeted audience’s demands and preferences. Here are some of the few types of effective marketing through YouTube.

Types of content for marketing

The first type of YouTube video a brand can produce to promote their products or services is the creative videos such as vlogs, skits, or even product reviews. This helps promote and spread brand awareness among potential consumers. It is known that product reviews are great ways to build a product’s credibility as consumers usually trust them as if a family member or close friend recommended the products. Furthermore, up to 67% of viewers on YouTube watch product reviews to decide whether they should purchase a product online.

YouTube advertisements are also one of the most popular tactics for product promotion. These videos directly promote and popularize your products or services as they effectively increase your product’s viewability. Marketers can choose from skippable or non-skippable stream ads, non-video ads, and video discovery ads to immediately catch the viewers’ attention.

Another type is product support videos, otherwise more known as “How-To” or tutorial videos on YouTube. Your brand can answer your new and potential customers’ questions and concerns about your product through this type of content. In this way, they can get rid of any doubts they have and be more satisfied with their purchase. In fact, 85% of customers are more likely to seal the deal once they’ve watched a video about a deep dive into a product.

Live broadcasting on YouTube is also possible. Companies or businesses can organize events like product launches and promotional activities. This is done to further engage and interact with a larger audience that can potentially take an interest in your brand.

Benefits of using YouTube for marketing

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For starters, Youtube Ads are shockingly inexpensive. Keep in mind that you can reach a wide-ranging audience. About 2 billion active viewers per month take up to a billion hours watching YouTube videos every day. That is why taking advantage of this affordable deal could do wonders for your brand. Plus, YouTube also has an exemplary support system in the form of Google Ads.

Google offers an advanced system of targeting and retargeting your audience, allowing your advertisements to be more visible to a diverse range of users. Additionally, the reporting data and analytics that YouTube provides is accurate and precise, which can help you monitor your ads’ effectiveness.

YouTube is considered the most effective video marketing platform by 78.8% of marketers as it is one of the most popular and accessible platforms on the internet, along with Facebook. Brands and companies can choose from various content-sharing options, from advertisements to the production of corporate films, to tell their stories and reach an immense amount of potential clients and customers. This is proven by the fact that 62% of business owners and marketers get into creating YouTube channels to show off their products and services.

Overall, we can say that YouTube is one of the most powerful and effective social media platforms to gain popularity for your products and services easily. You can reach a worldwide audience with just a single click, which is largely convenient and beneficial for your business. As long as you stick with the perfect branding and consistent content production for your products, you’ll find yourself generating more and more revenue in no time.

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