How Many Calendar Apps Should You Have?

Are you an organized worker? Do you obsess over writing to-do lists so that you will never miss doing an important task? You are not alone.

Modern living is demanding enough. On top of the quarantine period, though, when the time feels like a blur, we may often overlook crucial tasks that need to be accomplished. Our fogged-up minds from having stayed home so long may lend us a forgetful memory, causing us to miss our deadlines and things we need to do. So how do you stay on top of your game?

Planner Enthusiasts

The latest trends have been good for stationery enthusiasts. From bullet journals to yearly planners, organized individuals have had a wide range of options to track their schedules and lists. Planner enthusiasts may spend several dollars on various physical planners to “keep them organized” throughout the year.

A few months into the year, some neglect their planners because they have difficulty committing to such a tedious tool on top of everyday tasks. Despite this, some remain faithful in jotting down schedules and to-do lists on their planners. The question is: how effective is it to keep a planner?

Why should I keep a planner?

Having a planner can help you streamline your everyday schedule, especially if writing down ideas helps you remember important dates and plans. With all the added fees for all items and services nowadays, it is always good to avoid extra expenses beyond your budget. Imagine never having to miss your loan dues anymore; maximize organization tools, minimize unnecessary expenses. Attend important events with your loved ones with a more organized schedule. Stay healthy as you get to squeeze in a quick workout every day with a structured to-do list.

Digital Tools

using a tablet

If you are not writing longhand, what are other available options for you to stay organized? Thankfully, we now live in a digital world.

Digital technology has done plenty to help us maintain a fast-paced everyday living. Innovations arise left and right. We are given a wide range of options via digital means. For many, this may provide convenience and a more sustainable option—no need to worry about having disorganized to-do lists anymore. There are digital means that can help us get on track.

With our fast-paced modern living, neglecting the importance of planning may get in the way of daily activities. Monthly tasks such as paying for home bills, despite being a habitual task, may get lost in your everyday demands, leading to expensive penalties. Issues like this are avoidable with the appropriate tools.

Learn how to take advantage of digital technology to keep up with life’s demands. Several calendar apps are downloadable for free online. Explore the various features that are appropriate for your planning needs. From apps specially made for to-do lists to apps that are simply calendars on your phone, you will surely find one that fits your taste and habits.

How many organizer apps should I have?

As mentioned, planner enthusiasts sometimes keep several planners per year, depending on the number of tasks they need to accomplish. If we were to compare planner enthusiasts to app users, though, it is inevitable to ask, “how many calendar apps is enough?” Can you ever have too many calendar apps on your phone? The right number is debatable.

The number of calendar apps (or physical planners) you have depends on your lifestyle needs and daily responsibilities. It will also depend on how much assistance you will need from your chosen tools. A busy lifestyle may require three calendar apps to juggle tasks for different areas of your life; on the other hand, one calendar app may be enough for a more relaxed living. However, there may be cases that the opposite works better. A more relaxed individual may need more calendar apps than a busy employee if the relaxed individual prefers a more detailed everyday schedule.

Our everyday demands continue to increase, especially if you start your independent life or your own family. Despite our now-busy schedules, there are ways to keep track of our daily tasks. Stay organized to avoid missing important dates and events with loved ones. Regarding responsibilities with monthly dues, with digital technology, you will never miss crucial home maintenance dates again, such as your insurance fees, electricity bills, and dues from your mortgage company.

This year, you should strive to become a more responsible citizen. You can utilize tools to help you accomplish your tasks well and on time, despite the current situation.

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