How Call Centers Can Benefit from Using VoIP

Call centers continue to dominate in the field of customer support and services, with the industry seeing consistent growth for half a decade, reaching upwards of 200 billion US dollars in market size. Chances are when discussing call centers and the tools of their trade, you would have heard of a VoIP telephone handset or phone system. If you’re interested in setting up your own competitive runner in the market, you may want to know why exactly Voice over Internet Protocol is so prevalent.

Here are some ways they benefit call center operations:

Maintaining accessibility for agents across different locations

A popular choice for companies is to outsource their communications and hire offshore BPOs to handle their customer service lines. That is because high demands require more positions to be filled, and looking to distant lands allows for lower costs and expenditures.

Of course, with different infrastructures, it all boils down to having a sound system that still provides agents with the necessary resources to conduct their work efficiently and continuously. VoIP is a very flexible option in the sense that it doesn’t require any cabling and such for it to work right. It is easier for on-site maintenance and for allowing agents who may be working from home to continue to provide excellent and clear assistance to consumers.

Consistent connectivity for 24/7 support

The biggest problems with the older traditional methods and systems are the overloaded queues for calls and lines that are cut off halfway through because of all the complications that arise. Because VoIP is based on bandwidth and online access, centers can better cater to a vast number of customers no matter what time it is.

According to a recent survey conducted with different consumers and shoppers, 90% of consumers believe that corporations and businesses should have a portal that they can use to give back feedback and assistance. On top of that, a lot of individuals prefer speaking to a live person in real-time and cannot always be expected to wait and see what automated response can help them or if they’ll receive an email in time.

Providing more manageable costs

Line of call centre employees working on computers

This factor ends up saving organizations because its system inherently allows for less hardware to do the same job, if not better, than older landline set-ups. That alone contributes to increased savings and lower costs that can be felt, allowing the company to focus on further improvements they can incorporate into innovating for the future.

Without the need for a whole new system, VoIP works off of an existing broadband connection, which is a must wiser choice if you don’t have signal drops or faulty internet. It’s also quite apparent that the VoIP system is less prone to mishaps and mistakes that could prove to be major headaches.

These are some of the reasons that VoIP and its innovations continue to be the stalwart choice for call centers everywhere. By considering them, businesses can continue to provide services and support without compromising their quality and effectiveness.

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