Game Development: What Genre Is Popular?

Despite most industries and businesses going into a slump because of the current state of the global health crisis, the video game industry has been doing well for itself, even in the face of an economic recession.

Most of the time, brainstorming sessions and planning out your games can be a hit-or-miss experience, especially when it’s hard to know what most of the gaming community wants. Sometimes, a particular genre in the gaming community will be even more popular than specific genres a couple of months; then, a particular game will start peaking in popularity months later.

Since the ebb and flow of the video game industry can shift and any given moment, it’s essential to look at different genres that are guaranteed to draw the public’s audience.

But what are some high-potential games that could be your next project? Here are some excellent genres that could land you in some big industries.

Indie Games

Usually, indie games are created by a team of at least one person or a group of around two to three individuals. Typically, indie games will have a particular style going while catering towards a specific type of audience. Some would argue that indie games do not necessarily pertain to a sole developer or a team working on a game, but would instead refer to a particular style commonly present among these types of games.

In some cases, indie developers will get sponsored by larger video game businesses who will notice different achievements. When you’re developing a game with your team, it’s best to document the development process. Most potential investors and large gaming companies want to know how a particular game’s development process has been done. As such, you must use corporate video production services that can effectively market your services to others. Building bridges with other business owners can help skyrocket your name in the video game industry.

RTS Games

Usually, this type of game was popular back in the early and late 2000s and 90s, but it slowly “died” down after most companies started focusing on first-person shooters and action games. During the early and mid-2010s, RTS games began to make a come back with some triple-A original titles such as some sci-fi space opera series and several games that were “revived” from the late 90s.

Overall, RTS games are alright, but most of those that are “tried and tested” in the RTS genre usually have multiplayer features.

Action Games

action video games

You can’t go wrong with first-person shooters and action games in the video game industry. Whether it’s single-player games or multiplayer platforms, this will usually cater to the general audience. First-person shooters are one of the most popular action game genres in the market right now.

But your video game doesn’t necessarily have to be a first-person shooter to be successful. In most cases, games like Grand Theft Auto 5 are third-person games that have sold around 120 million copies.

Know Your Competitors

Although it might seem like you’ll want to go with the genre that’s trending right now, most would say that trying to compete with a particular game that’s already popular shouldn’t be your top priority. Instead, it’s essential to focus on your target audience and think of something fresh and new.

The central premise behind this is that if a particular game overshadows the games in the genre, chances are, most individuals will flock towards that specific game rather than try out other games. Thus, it’s essential to look at how well other games are doing rather than looking at the whole genre.

In summary, you don’t have to go with the flow of what’s trending in the video game industry when you’re developing a game. Sometimes, the gaming industry wants to have a fresh start with other games. The best course of action would be to get creative and develop something that you’re into. After all, passion can help you get through some obstacles.

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