Fragrance Business Ideas to Explore This 2022

In 2021, we the world saw a rise in more celebrities and influencers coming up with their own fragrance lines. The trend is clearly skewing towards fragrances making a comeback as a viable business opportunity. Now that being a small business owner has been democratized thanks to the internet and everyone has the resources to market and sell their own products online, aspiring entrepreneurs would do well to hop on this trend before the market is saturated once again.

Before the search begins for a laboratory with a skilled team of chemists and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment like food-grade transfer pumps, here are some creative ideas to set your small business apart from other run-of-the-mill fragrance brands.

Scented Candles

Here’s a truth that needs to be universally acknowledged: Scented candles will never go out of style. It’s also a relatively easy product to churn out: It doesn’t require big capital, the materials are not highly expensive, and you can come up with your own combinations and new scents to ensure that you’re not coming up with a product that consumers can find at the department store.

You can also market the scented candles in a way that will make them irresistible to consumers: Look for famous stars’ favorite scents and perfumes, use them as main scents for your candles, and label the jars with the names of the stars. Voila! You instantly have the power of fandom on your side. Just make sure to choose famous stars with big fandoms to ensure that there is a market for the scent.

Essential Oils

Like scented candles, essential oils are also relatively easy to source and market. We live in a time when consumers care more about their health and wellness, so essential oils won’t be too hard to market. Just make sure that you never veer into pseudoscience theory and avoid making outrageous claims about the oils and how they affect the body. Just stick with evidence-backed claims, and you don’t run the risk of being canceled.

Dress Perfumes

Another type of fragrance that will be big in 2022 is the dress perfume or a type of bottled fragrance that is softer and was designed to be sprayed on fabric and not just on bare skin. Unlike traditional perfumes and colognes, these bottles were designed to be more on the softer and milder side, so they are perfect for consumers who tend to be more sensitive to smells. They are perfect for the home’s drapes and blankets, too!

Clean Air Fresheners

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One of the worst things about your run-of-the-mill air freshener from the supermarket is that, more often than not, they contain toxins and chemicals that are bad for us and the planet. It’s so bad that the government came up with the Safer Choice campaign, which helps consumers, purchasers, and businesses find products that perform in the same way as traditional air fresheners but contain ingredients that are healthier and more forgiving for human health and our environment.

If you are someone who enjoys spaces that smell good but you’re not necessarily a fan of candles or diffusers, coming up with your own line of clean air fresheners might be a good idea. There will undoubtedly be a market for it, too, because you would be giving people the opportunity to make their homes smell good without having to default to scented candles or harmful sprays.

Organic Deodorant Sprays

In the past few years, many health and beauty influencers swore against traditional deodorants because many of them contain aluminum, which people believe can contribute to breast cancer. While the debate continues to rage on and there are no clear answers yet, you can come up with a clean line of deodorant sprays that won’t have these harmful chemicals. You can also develop new scents that other brands won’t traditionally use for deodorants.

Scented Sticks

Stick diffusers, or scented sticks, are also making a comeback, but one can argue that they never even left. An excellent alternative to candles, scented sticks find their roots in ritualism and spirituality and date back to ancient China. While some cultures use them for prayer and worship, in modern times, they have become a way for people to let out a sweeter aroma into their spaces.


If aspiring entrepreneurs want to succeed, then they need to be visionaries who can get ahead of the trends before the market is completely saturated with products and services that look similar to each other. Consider these fragrance business ideas this 2022 before your competitors do.


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