Should You Display Your Trophies and Awards?

We live in a world where success and prosperity are seen as the ultimate goals for everyone. No matter what career path we choose to pursue, we will always want to be successful in it. This success is often defined through awards and recognitions.

Of course, plaques, trophies, and certificates often come with these awards. These are tangible tokens that commemorate the goals and achievements that we have completed in pursuit of success. These are often highly prized by those that receive them.

For the Love of the Trophy

People tend to display these trophies and plaques whenever they can. They often have their certificates framed and would hang them on their barnwood interior wall coverings. Some even have glass casings made for their trophies to prepare them for display.

Displaying these material symbols for success can be common in schools and workplaces. Some people even put these up in their homes. It is fair to wonder what makes people engage in this practice.


For one, this practice is most likely fueled by pride. Let’s not forget that these awards and recognitions are not easily obtained. People often have to exert a huge amount of work and effort to deserve these recognitions.

It is typical for most people to go through major hardships to receive these awards. Because of the intensity of the hurdles, they will often feel proud of themselves for having achieved such a difficult feat. Others may also receive awards from certain prestigious awarding bodies.

All this recognition will naturally make us feel good. It makes us feel respected, and our skills are somehow validated. This can contribute to the pride that we may feel when we receive these awards.

Of course, many people may see pride as something negative. It has even been tagged as a “sin” in certain religions. But this is not necessarily true.

This pride can be the fuel that can make people achieve their goals. It was found out that people who feel authentic pride have more self-control and are more geared towards achieving their goals. Of course, this should always be paired with humility.

man holding a trophy

Displaying Competence

Another factor that drives people to display their trophies is the need to be seen as competent. Our society puts competent people in an incredibly positive light. Highly-competent individuals can get things done, and everyone will always prefer working with individuals who can do their tasks well.

Awards and recognitions are essentially a symbol of our competence. We receive these awards because we can perform at a high level, or are capable of bringing in the ideal result of a certain task. Displaying trophies and awards not only puts us in a good light but also helps us find more opportunities to share our craft with others.

This may be why people love to show these trophies in schools and offices. Displaying these can help shape the perception of something or someone. When people see these awards, they will immediately regard the person as someone capable in their field.

Reminiscing the Good Times

Of course, people love to look back on the good things that happened in the past. When we reminisce, we often feel good about ourselves and the positive experiences we have gone through. We appreciate our present lives better when we look back on these memories.

People may have their trophies for display because of this. Receiving these awards can be one of the most emotionally charged events we can ever have. By displaying their trophies, people reminisce these memories better. This is common for parents who love to remember the milestones that their kids have achieved.

Should You Display Your Trophies?

Despite the many positive things that can come out of displaying trophies, some people may still hesitate to do so. This is because this practice can easily be seen as an act showing off. Some people like to lead with modesty and humility in their lives and may not be comfortable flaunting their achievements.

Some people also do not feel the need to display their trophies. They may prefer just keeping them safe in their homes and would just bring them out when the situation asks for it. These people may like showing these trophies to those who genuinely want to see them.

It does not seem like much, but displaying our trophies can lead to good things for our self-esteem. Of course, it will always be up to the person if they choose to display these trophies or not. It all boils down to their level of comfort about showing these tokens for the public to see.

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