Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

It’s important to have some grasp of digital marketing now. It has a very important role in how businesses are run. The problem is that digital marketing is constantly changing. The developments in digital marketing can happen rapidly.

It’s important to know about the trends that are shaping digital marketing today. The good news is that these trends are global. A good SEO company in Perth has to be aware of these trends just as a digital marketing firm in New York does.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

If you’re unaware of these latest digital marketing trends, then you can be limiting your reach and visibility:

1. Social Commerce

Ecommerce business owners are aware of the potential for sales of their social media posts. They know that if they can get visitors to buy directly from them through their posts, they can see an increase in their sales. That is exactly what social commerce is hoping to achieve. Through Instagram Shoppable Posts, for instance, users can make purchases without having to be redirected to another site.

2. Micro-influencers

Social media is such a huge deal right now that the endorsement of influencers has now become as valuable as those pro traditional celebrities. Some might say that it has become even more valuable. Getting the endorsement of these top influencers is such a big deal now that there is a great deal of competition for it.

Some companies are therefore seeking the endorsements of micro-influencers instead. These are the influencers with a significant following already but are not just that big yet.

3. Direct Messaging

Brands are taking advantage of apps such as Messenger and Viber to connect with their customers and build a more robust relationship with them. Direct messaging can be an effective means for addressing the concerns of their customers. This works best by encouraging customers to send the DMs first.

4. Interactive Emails

Email marketing is still a very effective and powerful tool for digital marketing, providing an ROI of over 3,000%. Marketers are giving this method an update by abandoning the old and plain-text emails of the past and using interactive messages that act more like web pages.

5. Other Social Media Channels

While Twitter and Facebook are still at the top of social media hierarchies, the growth of these platforms has plateaued already. Marketers are seeking alternative channels that might prove to be the next areas of growth.

Pinterest, Medium, and Reddit are quite promising platforms. Though not new, these channels might become bigger this year.

It is not easy to predict exactly how the digital marketing landscape is going to look like at the end of the year. But with these trends, you can get an idea of how things would turn out. You do not have to jump at all these trends right away. Just study which trends would be most useful for you and how that could impact your business. It is important that you understand which trend can benefit you the most.

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