Can Blogs Still Make Money Online in 2021?

Would you believe that blogging is still a lucrative way to make money online in 2021?

The term ‘blog’ first came up in the 1990s. Since then, the Internet has evolved in leaps and bounds and has offered several types of content to people from all walks of life. In recent years, everybody has been talking about vlogging on platforms like Youtube or Instagram. As vlogs took over the spotlight, the world is starting to think that blogging is dead. Blogs are a thing in the past that nobody does care about anymore. This idea is not true!

From 2021 onwards, you definitely can still make money from blogging. Hopefully, this article can shed light on the ways blogs can make money, the income bloggers earn, and how you can put up and start your blog.

Why Blogs Fail?

But first, let’s talk about the one dreaded question that may dampen your motivation in this enterprise. Why do blogs fail?

The truth is, blogging takes effort, time, patience, and creativity. Sustaining a blog and making it succeed is not for everybody. If you aim for a 10000$ a month, take note and learn from these common blogging mistakes.

The absence of tangible goals and objectives.

Tone and objective are two essential things that set the direction of a blog. Without these two elements, you may have a hard time creating engaging content for your target audience. But first, find a niche you are most interested and knowledgeable in and develop articles that supported that niche.

The belief that creating and sustaining a blog is easy.

Blogging is not just about writing content but also promoting your articles with the use of SEOs. Passion alone is not sustainable. You have to know the mechanics behind how Google rankings. If you are a beginner, consider hiring SEO companies. For example, if you would like to target people in Utah, consider hiring a local SEO company or other outsourcing experts online.

Focusing on niches that are proven to make money.

Google gives a list of profitable niches every year. Some websites will provide info on how much money bloggers make in this niche. However, have you asked yourself if you are capable of writing for that niche? If you do not know anything about fitness or exercise, you should not put time into that niche. Every niche gives you a chance to build a blog and earn money online. You will know the techniques on how to promote your blog later. But first, choose the topic you will not get tired of.

Why is 2021 a good year for blogging?

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Building trust with your audience

Believe it or not, blogs are still the best place to discuss your product in detail, talk about your chosen niche extensively, or advertise your services online. A good blog builds trust and rapport with your target audience. Even if you are using vlogs or photos on other platforms, you can redirect your visitor to your blog to explain more of your niche.

Taking advantage of the increasing number of Internet users

There is an estimated number of 4.6 billion internet users all over the world. These figures make the online world a potent place to advertise your services and skills. Moreover, these people are not just there to read or entertain themselves but also make online purchases or avail of services they like. They are there waiting for some great content online that will spark their interest.

Social media users are increasing.

Learning how to harness social media’s power will let you tap into this huge number of Internet users. One of the most common ways to do this is to advertise your blog or services on social media. Ever wonder how ads on your Facebook and Instagram find you? These ads are based on the kind of content that you shared, like, or click on your page. In using social media, you would like to engage your target audience, so that they will click on your links and increase your page landings.

In the past, using Facebook to drive traffic to your blog is not that easy, and some bloggers make use of Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube to drive traffic to their blog. You can try that, too! If you are new to social media strategy, consider taking courses in this field or hire consultants and experts who will do the work for you.

Many bloggers have claimed to start earning $500 per month. And as they put in the right effort, work and strategy, their income rose. Some also argued that blogging is a passive income. Some people even make use of different platforms and mediums. A blog may exist side by side with a vlog on Youtube or Instagram page to advertise a service. Whatever works for you, the most important is having fun, a clear sense of direction, and lots of patience to pursue your blog.

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