Athleisure: Using Activewear for Everyday Clothing

Due to the pandemic, gyms are closed, and working out from home was the norm. This has happened for a while. These times have prompted many to care for their health more than non-gym goers are now working out at home. As work and home life have entangled themselves, having adaptable and flexible things to suit a remote worker’s daily life was essential.

This has also prompted many to opt for more versatile, multifunctional clothing choices. From errands and Zoom calls to lounging around the house, the last thing to prioritize is an outfit change. But with activewear, or specifically athleisure, that wouldn’t be necessary. A set will get you ready for the whole day in comfort and style.

But before anything else, let’s understand this trend.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure is something athletic brands came up with to keep up with the times. This is a dynamic and hybrid style characterized by aesthetic qualities integrated into traditional athletic clothing. It all started with women’s yoga pants. Women began to wear theirs outside of yoga class and saw the utility and versatility of the garment. These led to revolutionizing the look of athletic wear, including men’s. Other clothes that are utilized for athleisure include leggings, sneakers, hoodies, and sweat pants.

The Athleisure Market

According to certain studies, the market size for athleisure wear is predicted to reach $211,700 million by 2027, from $141,880 million in 2020. The market is segmented by type: clothing, footwear, and other accessories.

Safe to say, it’s an industry growing and will continue to do so after the pandemic. Some factors attributed to the growing demand are rising health and self-consciousness, its practical features (e.g., moisture management), and online shoppers.

The Trend

Who can say no to multifunction and comfort? Here’s how athletic wear is being worn in everyday lives, under different conditions, and for various purposes.

Streetwear or Street Style

When doing strenuous physical activity, it’s natural to opt for comfort rather than style. But brands have been competitive, as they flex their innovation and creativity in design and technology. A rise in demand for athleisure was observed during the pandemic. This is because people have become more conscious of their health because of the loss of an active lifestyle, the virus, or both.

black hoodie

But of course, the element of looking good is a factor in sales. Athleisure garments such as tracksuits, jogger pants, and hoodies are among the biggest players in the street style scene.

As you might guess, streetwear today “borrows” elements of activewear to their everyday wear. To make it less of a sporty look and more of a casual street look, people add non-gym pieces. A matching tracksuit is a safe default plan for those who like to play it safe or are in a hurry. It’s effortless yet put together. Who says you can only choose one between comfort and style?

Everyday Wear for Every Season

Since activewear and sportswear are made with special materials for different conditions, they can be worn for extreme weather conditions. Microfibers, insulators, and nanotechnology are among the materials that are used in manufacturing them. This makes them not just great for sports, but under extreme conditions too.

For example, a men’s ski jacket from Arcteryx is made for outdoor gear and playing snow sports, but it can also be used for a typical snowy day. It’s waterproof and breathable; it’s even layer-friendly and comfortable to move in. You can throw it on when needing to go out.


It’s common to see regular people doing regular everyday things like going grocery shopping, running errands, or chilling at home in their activewear. This is not a rare sight at all, you might even be one of these people, and that’s not something to feel guilty about. No one can deny the comfortability of wearing activewear, especially whether they’re on the go or just at home.

When it comes to sports and other physical activities, sportswear is integral in performance.  Nobody would want to take a jog with stuffy leggings or lift heavy weights with visible armpit stains. So there’s a natural emphasis on quality in terms of technology and comfortability. This is why it’s so common to see a yoga set is doubled as activewear and loungewear.

Activewear is one of the constant things in these uncertain times. Flexible to our needs and can be used in multiple settings. These are garments worth adding to your wardrobe and investing in. if not for fashion, at least for when you finally decide to work out again.

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