Finding Motivation: 5 Hacks to Stay True to Your Fitness Routine

Let’s face it: Creating a workout routine is easy, but sticking to the plan is another story. Some days, we’re too busy. Other days, we’re too tired. There are just too many distractions that can throw us off track. And now that the pandemic forces us to stay indoors, it became more difficult to stay true to our workout plans.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome distractions and meet your fitness goals. Instead of waiting for that random jolt of motivation to strike, you can try out some tricks that’ll help you find the motivation you need. Below is a roundup of the top five smart hacks that’ll allow you to stick to your fitness routine.

1. Set up a space

Space is an important factor that affects your motivation to exercise. You may find yourself ready to do some physical activities, but without a workout space, your motivation will eventually die down. Although you’re free to lay down an exercise mat anywhere in the house, setting up a workout space at random won’t secure a distraction-free environment.

The best solution is to dedicate a space that will serve as your permanent workout area. Of course, you won’t necessarily have to convert your entire room into a home gym. The extent of your workout space depends on your routine. If you’re set to do some yoga exercises, a small space in your living room is enough. Meanwhile, if your routine involves cardio moves that require plenty of space, you might want to choose a wide and empty area, such as an outdoor living space.

2. Prepare your basic workout essentials

Nothing puts you in the right mood other than the right gears. And no, we don’t mean to say you need to buy a fancy treadmill or an indoor cycling bike. Just the basic workout essentials are enough to keep you on track. These include workout mats, resistance bands, jump ropes, dumbbells, and the best headbands for working out.

These basic workout items will help make your exercises more manageable. Plus, they are versatile and can be used for different workout activities. Seeing them at your workout space will help put you in the right mood to start your fitness program.

woman lifting dumbells

3. Use a fitness app

With most gyms closed and physical contact now discouraged, fitness applications are now even more popular among people who want to stay fit while at home. To date, you can easily download a mobile fitness app straight from Google Play or Apple Store.

Most fitness apps come with reliable features that’ll help you focus on your goals and stick to your workout routines. Some even let you create your own fitness program and let you talk with professional fitness trainers online. You can even take advantage of the alarm and reminder features to stay on track with your schedule.

4. Find the right workout playlist

Your mood affects your productivity and endurance more than you think. When you’re down and blue, you’re more likely to spend the days in bed. When you’re up and happy, you have all the energy to accomplish your tasks and additional activities.  In order to keep up with your fitness program, it’s important to always maintain a good mood. Music can help you achieve that.

Various studies reported that listening to music while exercising helps make your routine more manageable. This is because music can distract you from your bodily discomfort. Plus, it excites your brain and induces your body to move in sync with the beat.

You can take advantage of some happy songs to keep you in the right mood for a workout. YouTube and Spotify offer many playlists that are fit for exercise sessions. You can also create your own playlist to match your music taste.

5. Find a way to keep track of your progress

The road to fitness isn’t an overnight journey. It’ll take some time before you can see the actual results of your hard work. Tracking your progress will help you appreciate the small victories you achieve each day even though you’re far from your actual goal.

Of course, you don’t need to actually start a workout diary. Simply posting some pics on social media or taking note of how long you finish your routines each day can help you keep track of your progress. Over time, you’ll notice small changes in your body and performance. Seeing these changes will fuel your motivation to stay true to your fitness program.

Motivation doesn’t just come naturally. It demands the right setting, mood, and devices before it can excite the body. Make sure to find the right degree of motivation through these five smart workout tricks.

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