10 Office Hacks that Will Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Fact: your workplace has a lot to do with your productivity.

Several studies have already proven the connection between employee productivity and office environment. Some say that a well-designed workplace can bring up overall productivity by 20%.

Harvard Business School found that a company can increase its annual profit by $5,000

That being said, it’s fair to say that where you work has a huge impact on how you work. So we have listed a few workplace hacks to keep your whole team engaged and be ultra-productive.

10 Office Hacks That Boosts Workplace Productivity

  1. Have the proper lighting.

Proper lighting is necessary for keeping people focused and engaged. Unfortunately, this aspect is often neglected. If you have no control over the general lighting, you can bring in your lighting device for your workstation.

  1. Make your workstation a little more comfortable.

In most offices today, almost everyone is seated in front of their computers. Having the right table and chair already is a big help in keeping you engaged and focused. Ask for an adjustable chair and put some pillows to help support your lower back and take off some strain. Make your workstation as comfortable as possible without compromising the quality of your output.

  1. Get rid of all the clutter.

Keeping your surroundings neat and clutter-free helps you focus. Get rid of the clutter in your office and store them on long-span shelving in the office storeroom. Organise your workstation and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Take a few minutes each day to clean it up.

  1. Colourise your workspace.

Add some colour to your workspace to inspire you and keep you motivated. It is proven that the colours around you influence your mood and behaviour. So bring some items to the office of a certain colour that will help you be as productive as you can be.

  1. Minimise the noise.

The level of noise in your workplace also has adverse effects on your ability to focus on certain tasks. Bring it down a notch or two by using noise-cancelling headphones and listening to music that boosts productivity.

  1. Improve air quality.

It is estimated that companies lose about $15 billion annually due to poor air quality via sick leaves and worker inefficiency. Simple things such as installing new air filters or opening windows to let fresh air in are already enough to bring that loss down to more than half.

  1. Change workspaces now and then.

Having a change of scenery helps jolt the mind and keep it alert. Changing your routine now and then such as working in different areas around the office helps shift your brain, allowing you to refocus.

  1. Provide avenues for writing down ideas.

business meeting

Ideas are precious. They should be cultivated in your workplace. Provide avenues for people to write down their ideas anytime, anywhere. Whiteboards and note pads all over the place help them jot down their ideas quickly without burying them under a pile of paperwork. Who knows, these ideas might eventually be the game-changer in your line of business.

  1. Have easily-accessible refreshments.

It’s hard to work on an empty stomach. The idea of making refreshments easily available to your people can somehow motivate them to keep working as it prevents their brains from shutting down due to hunger. It might seem like a novel idea, but it is found to be highly effective. Just make sure you only serve food that will keep your people sharp and alert.

  1. Get nature involved.

Getting stuck inside the office for 8 to 9 hours straight can be draining for the mind. Get a little bit of nature involved in your daily routine. Go outdoors during your breaks. Bring in some plants indoors (worst-case scenario, at least choose a nature picture for your desktop wallpaper). Our nature dictates that our access to the natural world greatly affects our productivity.

Making the right adjustments to your physical working environment can do wonders for the improvement of your company’s productivity. If you want the best results from your people, you need to start making some changes at the office.

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