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What is a Siglet?

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Siglets are the little blurbs, humourous anecdotes, famous quotes, or sometimes ascii pictures you often see at the bottom of emails you receive.

Better know as Signature file add ons, offers you 1000's of them to use for free! As you browse our site, you'll find Siglets for all occasions. You can send your wife or girlfriend an "I Love You" Siglet. Or better yet, send your boss a Siglet that tells him just how you feel about being passed over for that promotion.

We've even got cool ascii siglets like the one below. You'll find hundred's of picture like this for all occasions, and people will love 'em!

Take a look through our vast collection of Siglets, and we're sure you will find tons of them that you can use. If you need help installing a Siglet, help is here.

And don't forget...if you have a cool Siglet, send it to us so we can share it with others!


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Have fun!
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